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Faculty association EOS bringing students together

4 October 2021
How do you organise events for students and get them together during these times of hybrid education and COVID measurements? We talked to Daniel van Dijk, chairman of EOS. EOS is the faculty association of the Faculty of Social Sciences at VU Amsterdam. The association has been successfully organising events while at the same time taking the COVID regulations into account.

What did you organise at the start of this academic year?

At the start of the academic year, EOS was looking for a way to organise an activity with a balance between safety and fun. For EOS this year the students are very important. After the pandemic and online classes students of the faculty don't feel engaged anymore. EOS tried to improve the interaction between the students by organising an evening at Club Atelier in Amsterdam. It was a lot of fun seeing so many people again. We had a lot of space on the terrace of Club Atelier so we managed to have around 85 students which varied from masters to bachelor students. Both Club Atelier and the students thought it was a good opportunity to meet new people. 

How did you take the COVID-19 measurements into account? 

In order to keep the safety of the students, we had to comply with the rules in place at the Club Atelier. One of the main rules was the limit of 4 people per table. Also, it was recommended to remain seated. You could only stand and walk if you wanted to order drinks or go to the toilet.   

The location had to close at 00:00 so we decided to ask everyone to leave at 23:45 so Club Atelier had some time to close. Both the employees of Atelier and we as a board kept an eye on everyone to make sure everyone was having fun within the rules. 

Now that there has been some easing of the COVID regulations, what are the plans of EOS in the coming months?

In the coming months, we are planning to host more events in the city because at our members lounge it's not allowed yet. We have an activity planned for the second year students of the FSS to get to know the campus better. We are also hosting a kick-off party to celebrate the start of the year. To have more safety the party will be a silent disco and students need to have a valid QR. We are also planning our business activities during the year in physical form instead of the online variant from last year. 

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

We as a board are looking forward to all activities. Our goal is to give students opportunities to meet new people from the faculty again and have more interaction with each other on the VU or at the activities in the city. Our main activity of the year is the prom. We are confident that our committee will give all their creativity to make sure that the prom is going to be a magical night. We all hope that we can give the students a year that they will not forget and let the students make memories together!