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Join the climate march on 6 November

1 November 2021
A group of concerned VU employees want more awareness among VU staff for the climate crisis and push politicians to make the right choices regarding a sustainable future. Therefore, they are inviting the VU community to join the climate march in Amsterdam on 6 November. They will march with Scientists4Future, meeting point is Madame Tussaud's at 12.30.

If all countries continue their current policies, the global temperature will rise to almost 3 degrees in 2100. The Netherlands, may have to deal with a sea level rise of almost 1 metre. And the sea level will continue to rise after that, to over 2 metres in 2300. Fortunately, promises have been made to become more sustainable, but these promises have yet to be fulfilled and even then we will probably end up with more than 2 degrees of warming. This could still lead to dangerous tipping points

After the announcement of the ABP pension fund to stop investing in fossil fuels last week, the initiative wants to celebrate this achievement and maintain the pressure to make responsible investment decisions also in the future. The group will join Scientists for Future during the climate march on upcoming Saturday.

If you are interested to join the group, please send an email to Neele van den Bongardt.

Scientists4Future will march together as a block. Join them! Meeting point is at Madame Tussaud's at 12.30 on Saturday. Find more information here.

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with our ASI coordinator Neele van den Bongardt

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