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Claire van Teunenbroek wins Outstanding Dissertation award

6 September 2021
Sociologist Claire van Teunenbroek is awarded the Gabriel G. Rudney Memorial Award for an Outstanding Dissertation in Nonprofit & Voluntary Action Research for her dissertation on donation behaviour. The prize is awarded to her by The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

”It is a lovely compliment for the hard work of the past years. It shows that a dissertation can have both scientific and practical value and taking your time to develop a coherent methodology pays off,” Van Teunenbroek reacts to the award. “It is also a great way of promoting the knowledge contained in my dissertation, for practitioners and academics. For me, sharing knowledge is what it is all about.”

Van Teunenbroek receives the award for her dissertation ‘Lots of people give me money. Towards a comprehensive understanding of social information effects on donation behaviour’. She researched the effectiveness of sharing information about the donation amount of previous donors to potential donors in influencing giving behaviour. Her research shows that social information can be an efficient addition to stimulate online donations. Van Teunenbroek concludes that donors of crowdfunding projects donate higher amounts when they can see the average donation amount. Van Teunenbroek is now active as a Postdoctoral Researcher on Philanthropy at the Centre for Philanthropic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and as a lecturer at the department of Science Business and Innovation at the Faculty of Science.

The Outstanding Dissertation is awarded annually for a PhD dissertation by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA). ARNOVA is a community of scholars, educators, and practice leaders that strengthens the field of nonprofit and philanthropic research to improve civil society and human life. Dissertations that contribute to the advancement of theory, conceptualization, research, or practice closely related to nonprofit organizations or voluntary action are eligible.