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New book: Water in times of climate change

28 September 2021
By bringing values and religion into a discussion that is often dominated by technocratic solutions, this book goes beyond the usual and predictable analyses.

The three case studies of Jakarta, Cape Town, and Amsterdam demonstrate the challenges of water management in urban areas and the role religion can play in addressing them. Representatives from science, politics, economics, and religion, as well as young voices have contributed to this book which stimulates a values-driven dialogue on issues of water in times of climate change.

Jan Jorrit Hasselaar, one of the authors, about the book: Questions of water and climate change are often only approached from a technical and scientific perspective. We do not do these questions justice, because they also challenge the social and cultural dimensions of existence. The book therefore asks the question: What is going on, and how can we draw on our cultural and spiritual traditions in dealing with these questions. That is why the subtitle of this book is 'a values-driven dialogue'. The beautifully designed book with photographs and texts by prominent figures and students is a first step towards exploring how technological, economic, political and religious dimensions can work together on shared questions, here very concretely in the urban areas of Jakarta, Cape Town and Amsterdam.   

Jan Jorrit Hasselaar, Elisabeth IJmker (red.): Water in Times of Climate Change - A Values-driven Dialogue
The book can be ordered via Amsterdam University Press.