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Bindlish appointed as assistant professor of Hindu Spirituality

6 June 2021
From April 1 2021, the Faculty of Religion and Theology (FRT) of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) appoints Puneet Bindlish (India) as assistant professor of Hindu Spirituality, in cooperation with the Hindu Council of the Netherlands.

Puneet Bindlish is a well-published academic who has studied and taught at some of India’s top institutes including Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi. Having received knowledge from revered gurus on Hindu traditions, he brings a rare blend of a rich understanding of contemporary paradigms and an applied perspective that is strongly embedded in Hinduism. He is widely respected for his teaching and research skills. 

Hindu Spirituality as a source for integrativeness
The new post is connected to the Chair of Hindu Spirituality and Society, held by VU professor Sharda Nandram, and is part of the Department Beliefs and Practices. Nandram: “Spirituality is gaining lots of importance in addressing contemporary societal issues. We are happy with this appointment as it will help to convey the vast wisdom and universal message of Hindu Spirituality through a new lens of integrativeness, which the chair has chosen as a focus point for its scholarly contribution. Integrativeness is a way of perceiving the world as a coherent whole with interconnectedness between and within people, systems, and nature. Challenging contemporary issues can highly benefit from such an integrative lens.”  

Dean of the Faculty professor Ruard Ganzevoort adds: “The appointment of Puneet Bindlish testifies to the fact that FRT continues to foster the study of all major world religions. In doing so, we cherish a blend of insider and outsider perspectives. In this respect, the arrival of Dr Bindlish is a wonderful asset to our faculty”.

Bindlish: “The ageless wisdom in the Hindu scriptures and living lineages hold a great promise for a multicultural and multireligious world under the Fourth Industrial revolution. These are exciting avenues for future research requiring abilities to dynamically contextualize our ancient traditions to address spiritual and existential challenges. I believe the inspiring environment of FRT and the VU would undoubtedly be a great academic home for this research ambition.”

About Puneet K. Bindlish
Puneet Bindlish (1980) served as assistant professor at the Department of Humanistic Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi, India) before joining the VU. He was fortunate to have learned several aspects of Hindu traditions from highly respected gurus from traditional lineages. Prior to taking up research and teaching, he took up several roles in the industry globally in his professional career spanning over more than a decade.

In the past five years, he maintained active collaborations in the Netherlands. Some of the notable topics he researched and taught are Hindu Spirituality, Indian Ancient Knowledge Traditions, Yoga, Leadership, Integrative Intelligence, Indigenous Research Methodology, Organizational Behaviour, and Holistic Health.