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Artificial Intelligence in and for the Global South 2021

12 July 2021
The master course "ICT4D in the Field" has been redesigned this year into a collaborative online international course

to host students and lecturers from universities in three different continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. In this transdisciplinary course, students met community members in low resource environments, e.g. in rural Ghana or Sarawak Malaysia, and became exposed to real-world challenges in complex real world contexts.  In interdisciplinary teams the students co-designed and built technologies to address real world use cases related to e.g. food security, education, social entrepreneurship, in and for the Global South. Various key issues were explored during this course, e.g.: what is the state-of-play regarding AI applications for the Social Good relevant to people and poor communities in low-resource environments?  What are foreseeable negative or adverse consequences, risks, social impacts, ethical dilemmas related to the application of AI for people and communities in poor parts of the world?  This course is one of the modules in the thematic area “Digital Society and Global Citizenship” for which a new master curriculum is being developed in the framework of Aurora Universities Network.  See a short video clip: