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A Glimpse of Hope, Lebanon

7 May 2021
“Students have run out of hope. They look at all the unemployed educated adults around them and they wonder what the point of getting an education is.” - Al Kayrawan Institute Teacher, April 2021.

A three-day psychosocial support training was provided to teachers and NGO staff from Al Kayrawan, Learning through Action and Renovation and Development Association. A total of 26 people attended the training which was split into two different groups.

There were was one main objective of this training by the Centre for International Cooperation: equipping trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver community-based psychosocial support interventions. To do so, a main requirement needed to be filled: the self-care of the staff themselves. After a year of psychological, social, physical and economic turmoil, trainees needed to talk about their stress and learn healthy ways to cope and manage it before they would become able to assist others.

This was then followed by an overview of the steps required to design, implement and evaluate a Level 2 psychosocial support activity. That included selecting the target beneficiaries, performing a needs assessment, choosing a type of activity, designing every step of the activity and implementing the activity through a practical role-play exercise.

Participants reported that they greatly benefited from the training and that they are eager to start implementing what they learned with their beneficiaries.
Quotes participants:

  • “With everything going around, we have forgotten to take care of ourselves. This training was an alarm that reminded us that it’s time to stop neglecting ourselves.”
  • “We felt heard and secure. You haven’t showed any authoritarian or superior behaviour which made us feel safe to open up and interact during the sessions.”
  • “We have grasped the importance of psychosocial support especially in our suffering society.”

Photo credit: Amanda A. Aoun

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