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ASI seed money winners 2019/2020

19 March 2020
The ASI is pleased to announce that seven integrative project proposals will receive a ‘seed money’ contribution in 2020.

The winners are:

  • Dutch homes gas-free by 2050? Speeding up the rate of energy-efficient renovations with the help of behavioural research
    Contact persons: Dr Julia Blasch, Dr Menusch Khadjavi and Dr Giuliani Spadaro.
  • Human Mortality in European Cities under Climate Change. Improving the understanding of the drivers of climate-related human mortality, vulnerable subgroups of the population, and the economic valuation of climate change impacts on mortality.
    Contact persons: Prof. Wouter Botzen and Prof. Hein Daanen.
  • Does Climate Change Cause Emotional Stress and Undermine Attention and Productivity? Examining whether explicit reminders of climate change may interfere with both emotions and cognitive performance.
    Contact persons: Prof. Paul van Lange and Dr Menusch Khadjavi.
  • Growing up with hope or despair? Investigating Dutch teenagers’ comportment towards the future in the age of climate change.
    Contact persons: Dr Gerdien Bertram, Drs Jan Jorrit Hasselaar, Dr Barbara Regeer, Dr Pim Klaassen and Dr Willemine Willems.
  • Plastic, Science and Society Symposium – An exploration of the power of transdisciplinarity in sustainability research and education
    Contact persons: Dr Heather Leslie, Miranda van Holland, Dr Freek Colombijn, Dr Kristine Steenbergh, Prof. Bart Bossink and Dr Sjoerd Kluiving.
  • Looking where no one is looking – A Food System Horizon Scan to identify emerging food system issues  & ICT 4 Food Security
    Contact persons: Dr Verena Seufert, Dr Lia van Wesenbeeck, Dr Tomris Cesuroglu, Prof. Patricia Lago, Anna Bon, and Wendelien Tuyp.
  • Enabling and empowering social entrepreneurship. Developing ready-to-be-used business models for social causes.
    Contact persons: Dr Neil Thompson and Dr Michiel Verver.