Dies Natalis 19th October 2018

“A giant leap in communication”

10/01/2018 | 10:26 AM

The celebration will revolve around the university's profile theme Connected World.

Through culture, language and communication we can work together and transcend our individual qualities. Progress is impossible without reliable information. We now communicate so much that this information is difficult to find. We can barely oversee the consequences. Universities and academics will have to reconsider their role as suppliers and watchdogs of reliable information.

In his Dies Natalis lecture, Piek Vossen, professor of Computational Lexicology, will discuss how he and his research group are looking for a solution: an internet that shows how people communicate with each other and where they go to find their truth. In this way, the research group hopes to gain further insight into the origins and spread of opinions in a society full of filter bubbles.

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has added to the role of scientific information by involving a large audience in her research in space through social media. Her career is a wonderful combination of scientific, technological, and educational achievements. For her work she will receive an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Sciences, after which she will be interviewed by Govert Schilling, science journalist in the field of astronomy.

Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh will provide a musical intermission with a stunning dance performance. 

You find the complete programme here.