VU ends use of space 'De Verrekijker'

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has revoked their support for squatter’s collective 'De Verrekijker' and has ordered the collective to vacate the space immediately.

03/01/2018 | 1:58 PM

The collective responsible for the use of 'De Verrekijker' has been informed to clear out the space and leave permanently. VU made this drastic decision after a secret meeting that took place in 'De Verrekijker' on Tuesday evening, 27 February. Despite strict agreements with the University, the collective purposely refrained from notifying VU about the meeting. The University only learned of the meeting via police and social media. The event’s door policy was not in line with these agreements either.

VU regrets having to take this measure, but states it has no other choice. The collective did not take responsibility before, during and after the meeting, thereby damaging the University’s trust regarding their safe and responsible continuation of activities. VU aims for a proper and civil finishing of affairs with the 'De Verrekijker' collective.