Come and discover at VU Amsterdam

On Saturday 1 October from 12:00 till 17:00, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will be taking part in the Weekend van de Wetenschap (Science Weekend), a nationwide event designed to emphasize the importance of science and technology. A guaranteed fun day out for children (aged 6 and above) and their families. Meet scientists during workshops and take part in experiments. The new O|2 lab building at De Boelelaan 1108 will be the event’s main venue, open to the public for one day only. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!
Students and staff at VU Amsterdam are warmly invited to come along to the event, together with their families. Entrance to the event is free. For all activities marked with an asterisk (*), you will need to collect tickets (free of charge) for a specific time slot from the O|2 lab building on the day itself. Find out below which activities will be offered in English.

Balk 34

Nature and Spirituality

How do Native Americans view nature and spirituality? We’ll show you videos about what you can learn from their way of thinking when it comes to matters such as climate change. (Workshops in English and Dutch)
By: Annette Mosher and Steffanie Dolle, Faculty of Theology
Location: to be announced

Balk 49

Which substance best fits the receptor?

Medicines are substances that usually work by binding to receptors on the surface of cells in the human body. Do you want to know more about how medicines work? There will be an explanation in this workshop, and you’ll get the chance to see 3D visualizations.
(Workshop in English and Dutch)
By: Marta S. Arimont, Aurelien Zarca and Ilze Adlere, Medicinal Chemists, Faculty of Sciences
Location: to be announced

The full programme in Dutch