Programme 6 September 2018

Film  Supa Modo (trailer)
Likarion Wainaina, Kenya, Germany, 2018, Swahili, Kikuyu with English subtitles 

Nine-year-old Jo lives in Kenya and would very love to be a superhero, just like in the movies. But she is seriously ill and her health is deteriorating. When her condition deteriorates, the people of her village decide to make her wish come true. Jo becomes... Supa Modo! 

17.30 Roof opens
19.00 Performance by Bird in a Glasshouse
20.40 Introduction to Supa Modo by philosopher Marjan Slob
20.45 Film: Supa Modo
22.00 Discussion of the film with Marjan Slob
22.30 End of evening 

Discussion of the film with Marjan Slob
Marjan_SlobThe philosopher Marjan Slob will talk to you and the other viewers after the film. Marjan Slob is a philosopher and columnist for De Volkskrant and has given various lectures on film and philosophy for the Dutch Film and Television Academy, among others. What did Supa Moda say to you? Which scenes and themes resonate with you, after seeing the film?

Performance Bird in a glasshouseBird in a glasshouse1

Bird in a Glasshouse, (Femke Ravensbergen) is an Amsterdam based singer-songwriter and one-woman-band with her violin, vocal and electronics. Bird’s music is a mix of pop, jazz, trip hop and electronic music. On stage she surrounds herself with musical instruments and electronic gear, creating live loops in her musical kitchen. 

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