Programme 5 September

Film  I Dream in Another Language (trailer)
Ernesto Contreras, Mexico, Netherlands, 2017, Spanish with English subtitles

A young linguist, Martin, travels to a village in the Mexican jungle to study and record a language that is on the point of vanishing: Zikril. Jacinta, one of the three remaining speakers of Zikril, explains that the language is spoken by all the living things of the jungle. When she dies suddenly, there are only two speakers of Zikril left in the world: Isauro and Evaristo, two old men who have not spoken to each other for many years because of a long-standing feud. Martin tries to reconcile them.

17.30 Roof opens
19.00 Performance by David Nathan
20.00 Talkshow: Endangered languages with Annelies Verbeke, Gaston Dorren and Diederik Oostdijk
22:30 End of evening

Talkshow Endangered languages
In a globalizing world, the English language is the great unifier. But is English becoming too dominant? Is it putting pressure on minor languages and are local communities coming under pressure as a result? Annelies Verbeke, VU Amsterdam’s Writer in Residence, will discuss this subject with language journalist Gaston Dorren and professor Diederik Oostdijk Are there reasons to be concerned about the continued existence of the Dutch language, too? And why is learning a (second) language so enriching?


Annelies Verbeke is Writer in Residence at VU Amsterdam. She is a graduate of Ghent University, where she studied Dutch and English Literature and Linguistics, and published her first novel, Slaap, in 2013. Her most recent work a collection of short stories, Halleluja, was released in 2017 and received much praise. It won the J.M.A. Biesheuvelprijs and the Cutting Edge Award. Verbeke has been an advocate of collections of short stories for many years.
During the VU On The Roof Film Festival, Verbeke will discuss the Connected World with guests.

Gaston Dorren1
Gaston Dorren is a language journalist. He is the author of the book ‘Lingo, A Language Spotter’s Guide to Europe'. 'His new book, Babel - Around the world in 20 languages, will be published this autumn. In the TEDx Talk Grow up, Learn Another Language, Gaston Dorren explains why multilingualism makes you more culturally aware.
Diederik Oostdijk1
Diederik Oostdijk is professor of modern English Literature and Head of Department for Language, Literature and Communication. His favourite book, if he had to name just one, is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which explores how much control we have over our own world.

Performance David Nathan

Magician David Nathan offers very special acts. He'll make you smile!David Nathan 1

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