Programme 4 September 2018

Film  Sergio & Serguéi (trailer)
Ernesto Daranas, Cuba, 2017, Spanish with English subtitels.

It’s 1991, and the Soviet Union is disintegrating. Cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljov is stuck in the Soviet space station Mir, wondering if there is enough money left to bring him back down to Earth. He makes radio contact with Sergio, a Cuban communist. Can Sergio do anything to help? Based on true events.

17.30 Roof opens
19.00 Performance by Ferdous Arachid
20.00 Talkshow: Heroes in the Connected World with writer Annelies Verbeke and media historian Alec Badenoch
20.45 Film: SERGIO & SERGUÉI
22.15 End of evening

Talkshow Heroes in the Connected World
During the Cold War, the whole world was transfixed by the struggle for supremacy between the Soviet Union and the United States. But there was actually a lot more communication between the communist and capitalist states than most people realize. Writer Annelies Verbeke talks to media historian Alec Badenoch about famous media heroes from that polarized era. The talk show will be in English. 

Annelies Verbeke is Writer in Residence at VU Amsterdam. She is a graduate of Ghent University, where she studied Dutch and English Literature and Linguistics, and published her first novel, Slaap, in 2013. Her most recent work a collection of short stories, Halleluja, was released in 2017 and received much praise. It won the J.M.A. Biesheuvelprijs and the Cutting Edge Award. Verbeke has been an advocate of collections of short stories for many years.
During the VU On The Roof Film Festival, Verbeke will discuss the Connected World with guests.

Alec Badenoch
Alec Badenoch is a media historian. He is professor in Transnational Media and holds the special chair of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision at VU Amsterdam. He is also assistant professor in Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University.

Performance Ferdous ArachidFerdous Arachid1
Ferdous Arachid is a 25-year-old Afghan-Dutch rapper who was born in Kabul. He started writing rap lyrics at the age of 9 and has not stopped since. Under the pseudonym DSI-BEL, Ferdous’ work has been streamed tens of thousands of times on, a platform for Persian-language rap music, and he is now well-known on the Afghan hip-hop scene.

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