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Contact with your colleagues in corona time

Last updated on 9 March 2022
Activity on the VU campus is slowly increasing, but most colleagues will also be working from home a lot in the coming period. How do you keep in touch with your colleagues if you can't meet each other on campus every day? Various VU colleagues have already come up with creative solutions for this. We are happy to share these with you to gain inspiration for your team.

If you opt for offline meeting on campus, take into account the campus protocol, the protocol of your faculty or service and the general corona guidelines. If in doubt, consult your manager or the corona coordinator of your unit. Also consider meeting at another location off campus or in the open air. And finally: for some colleagues, a physical meeting is too risky at the moment. Discuss with your team what works best for you: offline, online or a combination of these. Does your team have another solution that works well? Pass it on to your HR advisor and we will add to the list. 


  • Create a group app.
  • Start every Monday (or every working day) with a digital (weekly) start.
  • Start the working day twice a week with a digital cup of coffee with your team.
  • Organize a digital department outing.
  • Plan an informal digital lunch with your colleagues every week.
  • Call a colleague once or twice a week to catch up on things other than work, as would normally happen in the workplace.
  • Organize an online bingo or pub quiz.
  • Link new employees to a buddy, who regularly calls the new colleague. Maak een groepsapp aan. 


  • Schedule a meeting with your team off campus or outdoors. For example, have lunch together (outside), organize a BBQ in the open air. Or get moving: yoga or cycling.
  • Go for a walk with colleagues through the Amsterdamse Bos and make a recurring appointment, for example a fixed monthly day.
  • Organize a 'kick-off' for new employees so that they get to know each other (on or off campus).
  • Try to agree on a fixed moment with your team on campus and see if you can make smart use of the space in your building: divide your team over the space of other departments and alternate this with teams. 


  • In this time, reflect on the successes you achieve, share and celebrate them with each other.
  • Pay attention to birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Find a creative way to reflect on this; for many employees these are also important moments of personal attention, recognition and appreciation. Sta juist in deze tijd stil bij de successen die je behaalt, deel en vier deze met elkaar.