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Workshop: How to be successful using linkedin

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Last updated on 8 November 2021
Would you like to make a more effective use of LinkedIn and increase your chances in finding a job? Do you want to learn how to make your profile more appealing?

Organizations prefer to recruit employees through their own contacts and colleagues. You might also be looking for jobs through your own personal network. In that case it is very important that your contacts are aware what kind of job you are looking for.

In the Netherlands, LinkedIn is considered the leading professional network. It is the place where employers and job seekers can get in touch with each other through expanding their current network, but also through activating a large number of ‘lost’ or ‘sleeping’ contacts.

In this workshop you will receive a helping hand in designing an appealing and unique LinkedIn profile, both visually and textually. In addition, you will receive handy information on how to configure your LinkedIn profile in such a way that you can effectively approach potential contacts.


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