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Career guidance and coaching

Last updated on 16 August 2022
Do you have questions about your career? Or would you like to improve certain things at work with the help of coaching? Are you thinking about changing jobs and would you like to apply for a position inside or outside VU Amsterdam or ACTA? On this page you can find more information about the different possibilities.

In accordance with Article 6.5 of the Collective Labour Agreement, employees on permanent contracts and those with a contract of more than two years are entitled to receive career advice. If you would like to request individual advice, the career advice coordinator matches you with one of our experienced, external career advisors. Below you can read what this implies and how you can arrange it.

Career guidance & coaching

  • Career advice

    Who am I? What are my competences? What do I want? What is the next logical step in my career? What do I need to take this step? Career advice will help you find answers to these questions.

    More information

    Article 6.5 of the Collective Labour Agreement

  • Coaching

    Coaching helps you improve certain aspects in your daily work. Do you suffer from work pressure or stress, for example? A coaching programme can support you in finding a healthier work-life balance.

    Coaching also offers a solution to other work-related questions. For instance having difficult conversations, working more effectively or dealing with an overflowing inbox. With coaching, you gain new insights and develop more effective behaviour.

    If you want to know more about a coaching programme, please contact Lidy Stassen. In an intake session you discuss your questions, the procedure and the conditions and she mediates between you and a pool of external coaches.

    More information

    Pressure of work and work-related stress

  • Internal job application

    Are you thinking about changing jobs and would you like to apply for a position at VU Amsterdam? There are various possibilities:

    • Did you know that VU Amsterdam has 400 vacancies per year? Internal candidates have an added advantage. Read more about internal applications.
    • Have a look at the internal vacancies
    • Are you looking for a new job within Amsterdam's education sector? Every two weeks there is a meeting between the HR Advisors of UvA, HvA, ACTA, Amsterdam UMC and KNAW. You can present yourself to all these organisations at once with an elevator pitch! Contact Lidy Stassen for more information and to register.
  • Getting started

    Do you want to work independently on your development or career? On e-learning platform GoodHabitz you will find training courses that can help you get more out of your current job or inspire you to think about a next step. 

  • Job-to-job counselling

    In order to prevent involuntary unemployment as much as possible, the Expertise Centre HR Development (EHO) offers job-to-job counselling to VU Amsterdam employees whose temporary employment contract expires. This guidance is available to both academic staff (WP) and support and management staff (OBP). For WP this starts three months before the end of the employment contract and for OBP six weeks before the end of the employment contract.  

    Also read the information under section Internal job application.

  • More information

    For questions and advice on the implementation of career guidance, coaching or development advice, please contact Lidy Stassen.

Are you looking for information on these topics too?

Do you want to know more?

Please contact Lidy Stassen - Director career coaching.


Tel: 020 59 85 406