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Plan & Design

Last updated on 3 December 2021
Write a data management plan and find out what you need to know about research data management before you start collecting data. Are you going to be working with privacy-sensitive data? On this page you can take the first steps towards data protection and GDPR compliance. By the way, this is the perfect time in the research cycle to look forward to the next four steps and set yourself up for a smooth process.

Plan & Design

  • How to write a data management plan

    • LibGuides
    • Data Steward:
      A faculty or institute data steward is a primary point of contact for any questions related to research data management (RDM). If your faculty does not have a data steward or you are unsure whom to contact, you are welcome to send your question to the central contact point,; we will make sure that your question reaches the right person. Data Stewards provide disciplinary support, answer questions, provide advice, and help develop appropriate solutions for research data management and sharing.

      Contact your data steward for:
      •    Preparing data management paragraphs & plans (DMP)
      •    Advice on how to budget data management costs in grant proposals
      •    Setting up secure data storage
      •    Advice on good data management practice
      •    Information about data archiving
      •    Any other research data questions 
  • How to meet privacy requirements

    • Privacy Champion
      Privacy Champions are colleagues who are the first point of contact for all questions regarding privacy and data protection. They can answer the most common privacy questions, for example: Can we process this personal data without consent of the data subjects? Is this application suitable for the processing of sensitive personal data? Does the VU have a data processing agreement with the supplier of this application? Can the VU pass on personal data to this organisation?

      In addition, Privacy Champions are the eyes and ears of the Institutional and Legal Affairs (ILA) privacy team. The Privacy Champions know what is going on in their department and what is needed in practice. They have short lines to the privacy team of ILA.
  • How to create a contract

    When you have been awarded a publicly funded research grant (e.g. from NWO, ZonMw, EU-Horizon Europe) and expect to conduct research with other organisations, you will want to agree on some basic topics regarding the conduct as well as the results of the research:

    -             What happens with the research results?
    -             Who is in charge of the project / work packages?
    -             How should publication take place ? And – if relevant:
    -             How is the funding distributed amongst parties?

    VU Grants Office legal team can assist in drafting and reviewing research collaboration agreements for research grants from public funders. As most public funders impose a deadline to have a signed contract in place once the grant is awarded, please contact the VU Grants Office at an early stage! To enhance the contract support: Please make sure you send us the essential background documents: the grant proposal, grant award letter, grant budget, so we can set off as soon as possible.

  • How to look for research funding

    The compliance officer/Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) is the administrative linchpin of the VU Grants Office. The primary task of the compliance officer/LEAR is to ensure that all grants associated processes run smoothly. Furthermore, the LEAR has an important administrative role as primary contact between the Vrije Universiteit and the European Commission and other major international grant providers. Responsibilities include:

    • Administrative support during the post-award stage (EC: GAP phase) and during the execution stage of the project (e.g. advice and support when submitting reports, providing assistance with ethical chapters, support and advice for amendments and general assistance during project transfers to or from the VU).
    • Responsible for the correct registration and the timely validation of the legal entity Stichting VU in different administrative grant systems, like the EC Funding and Tenders portal, the Erasmus+ portal, the European transparency register, JE-s (UK), ERA Commons (US), (US), System for Award Management, SAM (US) and the AXA research Fund.
    • Managing and assigning user accounts for ERA Commons, Grants.Gov, database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP, US), Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP, US), JE-s, and the EC funding and tenders portal, amongst others.
    • Providing support and advice for different administrative aspects of specific grants and/or smaller funds (e.g. requesting and filling out specific data on forms, providing information and/or templates) regarding matters of compliance and/or due diligence.

    Please contact the VU Grants Office if you want to get in contact with the compliance officer / LEAR.     

  • Administrative and legal support

    Grants Office is part of Administration Office of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We are in charge of supporting VU researchers in acquiring external public funding. We advise researchers throughout the grant application process and during the term of the subsidy. Our advice is based on our professional knowledge, years of experience and our commitment to the VU faculties. We organize information sessions and workshops on grant acquisition to enhance the VU subsidy culture. We are also actively involved in shaping subsidy policies and act as contact point for EU and national grant organisations.

  • Research data support

    Data stewards in the faculties and and the VU RDM support desk can help you with research data management issues, like writing your data management plan, advise you about storing, sharing and securing your research data and help you with publishing, archiving and registering research data.

    You can find contact details and practical assistance on the research data support contact & support page.

Are you looking for information on these topics too?

Research Data Management

RDM Support Desk
Do you have questions about Research Data Management (RDM) or need advice? Ask us! The VU RDM Support Desk provides first-line practical assistance, help and advice with any RDM-related questions: 020 598 53 67 (9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday).

Do you have questions or remarks regarding research support and you would like to contact someone on a specific matter? Please contact us.

IT Service Portal
Through the IT Service Portal, you can report a problem, request additional services, find frequently asked questions, locate manuals, and track your own reports. Use the search bar to find what you are looking for in no time. A detailed description of our services can be found by clicking on the blue icons. These descriptions also include forms for submitting an application or making a report.