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Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM)

Organisational Behaviour Management

VU Amsterdam is the first European institution to offer a degree in OBM, and this is the first course in Europe to teach it in a summer school setting.

Course description

Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM) is the scientific approach of management that puts behaviour first. Every student brings in their own performance improvement case that s/he will analyse and improve with OBM. The steps of OBM for realising change are: Pinpoint the performance, baseline measure of the performance, functional (ABC-) analysis, feedback of measures, goal setting of performance and reinforcement when (sub)goals are met. 

You will learn the principles and techniques of applied behaviour analysis (ABA): using systematic interventions derived from learning theory to improve socially significant behaviours, then demonstrating that those interventions are indeed responsible for the improvement. Amongst topics covered are the ABC model (antecedent-behaviour-consequence), the four behavioural consequences and a protocol for shaping new behaviours. You also learn to use the OBM Optimizer, a practical tool for enhancing organisational performance, including such factors as quantity, quality, safety and attendance.

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About this course

Course level

  • Master / Advanced / Beginner / PhD

Course coordinator

  • Marius Rietdijk


  • 3 ECTS

Contact hours

  • 40


  • English

Tuition fee

  • €700 - €1250

Additional Course Information

  • Learning objectives

    By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

    • Understand the basics of human behaviour and acquire tools for sharing this understanding with others in organisations. 
    • Present a paper and have the tools for changing organisational behaviour with positive reinforcement as the central element.
  • Course schedule

    *This information is from summer 2022 and will be updated in 2023

    Classes will take place from Monday 4 July until Friday 15 July. In general classes will be during the week between 9am and 17pm (please take exceptions into account). Wednesday afternoons and weekends will be off for optional social activities or personal time. Good to be aware that self-study will be required in your private time (nights and weekends). Saturday 2 July and Saturday 16 July are arrival and departure days (in case you arrange accommodation via our housing service). More details will be shared in the course syllabus which will be shared with the participants in June. 

  • About the course coordinator

    Dr. Marius Rietdijk has 3 masters in applied psychology and a PhD in Business Administration. OBM is his central interest for more than 30 years. He has teaching and research experience. For more information see and his LinkedIn page.

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