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Discover the depth of the Hindu philosophies

Integrative Spirituality based on the Hindu Philosophies

This course introduces the participant to important Hindu philosophical principles (Darśanas). Participants will gain insight into the nuances and logic behind the main Hindu philosophies, enabling themselves to understand and explain the Hindu worldview, way of life and customs in an integrative way.


The course consists of both online (every Saturday) and offline (Thursday) group meetings.

During the sessions on Saturday, key concepts from the Hindu philosophies will be explained and discussed, such as the concept of Darśana, Vaiśeṣika Darśana, Nyāya Darśana and Pātañjala Yoga Darśana.

On Thursday during the group sessions, assignments will be presented and discussed. Here you have the opportunity to connect the content of the course to your own interest and choose a topic to explore more. Topics to choose from are for example organ donation, climate change, LGBTQ-questions, or dealing with your own identity or leadership in a professional context.

Complementary to the lectures and presentations, self-study is required. This courses closes with an individual test during the last session.

After successfully finishing this course you receive a certificate.

Target audience

This course is relevant for all who are interested in understanding the Hindu worldview and its positioning in their way of life.


The fee for this course amounts €600,- per participant, and €900,- for sponsored participants.

Registration should take place before 10 August 2022. Please state the full name of the course and order number 1000300 in your registration form.


The maximum number of participants for this course is 15.


Coördinating teachers are prof. dr. Sharda S. Nandram and dr. Puneet K. Bindlish.