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Challenges of Food and Nutrition Security

Challenges of Food and Nutrition Security

Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) is again on top of the global agenda due to the war in Ukraine. To understand the editorial comments and claimed effects of the war, students need to gain an adequate understanding of the concept, its drivers, and the impacts of different shocks. The Winter course would provide such an interdisciplinary focus.

Our application deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to apply for this course. We will announce the courses in August 2023. Please leave your details to receive the announcement when we open registrations for VU Graduate Winter School 2024.

Food and nutrition security is a critical input for the functioning and wellbeing in any society. At the same time, food and nutrition security remains far from guaranteed with 800 million people being undernourished and another billion people suffering from a lack of vitamins and minerals. In this winter course you will first develop a broad and deep understanding of the concept of FNS, both historically and contemporaneously. 

Next, the course will analyse challenges to ensure food and nutrition security for all now and in the future as well as challenges posed for societies and individuals by food and nutrition insecurity. Special attention is paid to the impact of shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine for local and global FNS.

Course Overview

  • Course days: cancelled for January 2023
  • Attendance: online
  • Course level: advanced Bachelor and Master students (from all faculties)
  • Course curriculum: read more about the course curriculum 
  • Coordinating lecturer: C.F.A. van Wesenbeeck
  • Other speakers: B.G.J.S. Sonneveld
  • Forms of tuition: instruction will consist of seminars, interactive workshops, and close readings of texts/media.
  • Language of tuition: English
  • Forms of assessment: There are several elements of the total grade for this course The final grade will be based on (1) Individual essay on food security in times of disaster and disease (50%) (2) Group presentation on different aspects of a selected “food group” (50%): in the first lecture, groups of students are formed that focus on studying either (1) maize, (2) meat, (3) dairy, (4) horticulture (fruits and vegetables), (5) sugar. Active participation is expected
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Contact hours: 32 hours
  • Tuition fee: read all information about our fees, discounts and scholarships 

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