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Selection procedure for a degree programme that uses a selection procedure - numerus fixus

The application deadline for a selection study programme (known in Dutch as a 'numerus fixus' programme) is 15 January at the latest. After you have met the deadline, you will be invited to take part in the selection procedure.

The selection procedure takes place between 16 January and 14 April. The programme bases the selection on the grades you have obtained up to 15 January and the results/scores of the selection activities such as tests.

From 19 April 2022, the highest offered or accepted ranking numbers for academic year 2022-2023 will be posted weekly on this page.

Everything you need to know about the selection procedure

  • Timeline selection procedure

    • After you have applied for the programme of your interest, you will be invited for the selection procedure which takes place between 16 January and 14 April. Depending on the study programme, you may need to turn in additional documents and take certain tests. 
    • Based on the results of the selection procedure, you will receive your ranking number through Studielink on 15 April. When this entitles you to a place you will have two weeks to accept this place.
    • Places that are not accepted within two weeks will become available again for the next candidate.
    • Please note that to be completely enrolled you must meet all admission requirements by 15 July. This includes payment of tuition fee, sending in a certified copy of your diploma and – if applicable – English language tests or other types of test results (the Admission Board will inform you of these additional requirements).
  • Ranking numbers

    The overview below shows how many students have been offered or accepted a ranking number for academic year 2021-2022. From 19 April 2022 onwards, the highest offered or accepted ranking number for academic year 2022-2023 will be published here.

    Updated: 15 August 2022, 11:25 AM. Next update: 22 August 2022. 

    Biomedical Sciences
    Number of places available: 300
    Current highest offered or accepted ranking number: 543
    Highest ranking number of placement in 2021: -
    Biomedical Sciences has 300 available places for Dutch and international candidates together.

    Number of places available: 600
    Current highest offered or accepted ranking number: 1.001
    Highest ranking number of placement in 2021: 895
    The number of places available for Psychology includes the total of the English and Dutch track.

    The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam cannot guarantee that the numbers of previous academic years will match the years to come, but it can help in estimating your chances and creating a backup plan. You can find more information about the national rules and agreements on
    Study in Holland.

  • Selection attempts

    Number of times you may participate

    You may apply (nationwide) a total of three times to the same programme with a selection procedure, spread out over several years. Programmes may choose to limit the number of attempts. All the times you have participated in the past count.

    Biomedical Sciences
    Maximum number of attempts: 2

    Maximum number of attempts: 3

    Used selection attempts

      • If you have not or not fully participated in the selection procedure, but you have not withdrawn your application in Studielink before 15 January, you will use up a participation opportunity.
      • If you did participate in the selection but fail to pass your final examination, you can submit a request to have your application withdrawn. The request is made by sending an email to before 1 September. Please use ‘Request to undo selection attempt’ as the subject. You will need to send along documentary evidence that you have failed to obtain your diploma. If you do not submit a request before 1 September, you will lose one participation opportunity. 

    Selection and Placement Regulations

    The Executive Board of the VU has adopted the Selection and Placement Regulations, which describe the selection procedure at the VU.

  • Applying for a degree programme that uses a selection procedure

    Applying for two degree programmes

    You may apply for a maximum of two Bachelor's degree programmes with a selection procedure in each academic year. 

      • These may be the same degree programmes at two institutions or
      • Two different degree programmes at the same institution or 
      • Two different degree programmes at two different institutions. 

    An exception is made for Dentistry and Medicine: parallel applications may only be made at one institution. This means that you can apply for both Dentistry and Medicine at one institution but not, for example, for Medicine at two institutions. You may be offered a place for both degree programmes for which you have applied. If so, you may only accept one place. More information on how to accept a place can be found on Studielink.

    Ready to apply?

    Follow our step-by-step guide on how to apply for a degree programme that uses a selection procedure.


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