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Interdepartmental courses

Interdepartmental courses are offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College

Once you have been admitted to the Honours Programme, you can start to compile your own set of courses. Out of the 30 EC in total, 12-18 EC have to be obtained by taking interdepartmental courses at VU, UvA or AUC.

Regarding the honours courses at AUC, please note that:

  • Students will be selected for these courses by AUC based on the bachelor courses they completed and are currently enrolled in.
  • You can find a complete list of AUC courses available to VU and UvA honours students here. Click on the name of each course to go to the course description. When the course description states "This course is only open to AUC students" , you can ignore that.
  • AUC courses are offered at day time, not in the evenings. This may cause overlap with regular bachelor courses. To view the course schedule, choose 'See also' in the 'Time period(s)' row of the course description.
  • For more information on attending AUC courses as a VU honours student, visit their webpage for VU/UvA honours students