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Honours Programme Faculty of Law

Are you curious? Are you interested in broadening and deepening your regular studies? Would you like to make new contacts with like-minded people? Then the Honours Programme is for you!

What is the Honours Programme?

The Honours Programme is designed for students who have passed all of their first-year Bachelor's subjects by the end of that year, who have achieved an average mark of at least 7.5 and who have the motivation to take extra subjects in the second and third year of their programme. 

You will be able to earn an extra 30 credits in addition to the 180 credits of the standard Bachelor’s programme with extra faculty courses (12 credits) and interdisciplinary courses (18 credits) without extra tuition fees.

VU students win finals in Amsterdam Law Trials 2021

VU students win finals in Amsterdam Law Trials 2021

Bowien Ravesteijn and Nadia Rashid (Best Lawyer Team)

Picture © Chris van Houts

Bowien Ravesteijn and Nadia Rashid (Best Lawyer Team)

Honours Programme Law

  • Faculty Honours courses at the Faculty of Law

     The 12 credits at the Faculty of Law can be earned in the following courses:

    In addition, you can earn 3 credits by participating in the Amsterdam Law Trials (moot court competition against UvA, AUC and PPLE teams) or by writing a lengthier Bachelor’s thesis.

    Would you like more details about the courses you could follow? Take a look at the Honoursprogramme descriptions in the study guide.

  • Interdisciplinary Honours courses

    The interdisciplinary courses are taught by top lecturers from the VU, UvA, Amsterdam University College and by (international) guest lecturers. The groups are small and you will be expected to give presentations, write papers and make an active contribution to discussions.

    Some examples of these courses are: Brain and Behavior, Retorica, New Anatomy, Climate Change, The Future Entrepreneur, International Development and Human Rights and Globalisation, Biosocial Aspects of Antisocial behavior, Robot Law.

    More information about the interdisciplinary honours courses can be found on the general web pages of the  VU Honours Programme

  • Why participate

    The reasons for participating can vary: academic curiosity, intellectual challenge, broadening and deepening of your regular studies, contacts with like-minded students (also from other faculties), the creative and interdisciplinary learning environment or the honours rating on your Bachelor degree.

    Since most of the courses are in English, this will benefit your English speaking, listening and writing skills.

  • Nice Extras

    The Honours programme is about more than just taking extra courses. Every year we are allowed to select students for participation in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School where you visit China for seven weeks. You will be informed about prestigious scholarships such as studying for a Master’s degree abroad. You can also become a member of Extensus, the study association of Honours students. They organize a study trip abroad, Master classes and social activities.

    When you have completed everything, you will be invited to the festive Graduation Event. These are some of the extras that participation in the programme entails.

  • Sign up!

    Register directly on the central web pages of the VU Honours Programme where you can also find more general information about the content and admission requirements of the programme.


Have you missed the information meetings or have any questions? Please feel free to use our the walk-in office hours!


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