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Frequently asked questions VU Introduction Days

You might have some questions about the VU Introduction Days. We have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are the VU Introduction Days?
The VU Introduction Days 2021 are for all first-year Bachelor’s students who are due to begin their studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in September 2021. We also welcome international Master's students to join part of the programme. The VU Introduction Days are designed to familiarise you with studying, the university, the city of Amsterdam and, most importantly of all, to help you get to know your fellow students. By participating you will already know a lot of people before you attend your first lecture. During the Introduction Days, new Bachelor's students are divided into mentor groups of approximately 16 students from their own study programme. Each group is assigned two mentors who will show you the way!

The VU Introduction Days will take place on 25, 26, 27, 30 and 31 August in Amsterdam. If, for whatever reason, you are unable or unwilling to attend the full five-day programme, because of covid-ristrictions for example, instead opt for the two-day (online) programme on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 August. The focus during those days will be on preparing you for your degree programme. These two days will be on campus and for those unable to attend, online.

How can I register for the VU Introduction Days? 
Registration is closed!

Is it compulsory to attend the VU Introduction Days?
No, it is not. We do recommend attending them, of course. And if you needed to pick one thing: make sure to attend the degree programme introduction! Your study programme knows that you are coming to study and will also invite you separately. The Introduction Days programme is set up in such a way that it has something to offer for everyone. If you find certain parts less attractive or if you feel uncomfortable with something, you don't have to participate in them. Feel free to discuss everything with one of your mentors so that they can guide and advise you properly.

Religion and the VU Introduction Days
VU Amsterdam has traditionally been a university where students from various cultures feel at home. We take all religions into account, also during the VU Introduction Days.

Participate in the VU Introduction Days with a functional impairment or chronic illness
We strive to make the VU Introduction Days fully accessible to students with a functional impairment or chronic illness. Do you want to be confident about a comfortable introduction period? Send an email to and indicate what we should take into account for your specific situation and/or what you need assistance with. We are happy to help!

I registered for the VU Introduction Days but cannot participate after all. What to do? 
Please send an e-mail to


We will most likely still have to deal with corona measures this summer. We do our utmost to organise a nice programme at VU Amsterdam, but we have to adapt it to the corona measures in force at that time.

The Corona Campus rules during the VU Introduction Days

  • Wednesday August 25th: all students must keep 1.5 metres of distance everywhere on campus
  • Monday 30th of August and Tuesday 31th of August: student’s don’t have to keep 1.5 metre distance in the classrooms. They need to wear facemasks in the hallways. The maximum group size is 75 people per room. The students must remain seated.

For frequently asked question about the corona virus at VU Amsterdam, please check out the following page: 

Corona measures in Amsterdam
The VU Introduction Days take place on the campus and in the city of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, and the other parts of the Netherlands, there are certain measures/restrictions due to Covid-19. VU students are expected to abide by the rules when they are in the city.

For more information about the virus and the current measures, please take a look at the following page: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - City of Amsterdam.

These are the basic rules that are applicable for everyone

  • Wash your hands regularly and properly.
  • Do you show any symptoms? Please stay at home and get tested at an official location.
  • Do you feel short of breath or have a fever? If so, all house/flat/apartment/roommates need to stay at home.

Corona Access Ticket and Testing for Access during the evening programme of the VU Introductory Days
The programme of the VU Introductory Days takes place at various locations in Amsterdam. At some of these locations you can only enter if you can show a corona access ticket in the CoronaCheck app: a vaccination certificate or a negative test result.

We would like to offer you a good and fun evening programme at our Amsterdam theatres. Some theatres require one-and-a-half metre distance, while others require you to test before entering. If you do not have a valid QR code in the CoronaCheck app for the event, this means you cannot enter.

For which program do you need a QR-Code?
Whether you need to show a corona access ticket depends on which group you are in. This is because the groups are distributed randomly across our locations. This applies to Comedy Night on Thursday 26 August and the Drag Queen Show on Tuesday 31 August. You will of course be informed in time of the location to which you have been assigned.

A corona access ticket (QR code) is required for the following theatres:

Comedy Night, Thursday 26 August:

  • Theater Amsterdam
  • Boom Chicago

Drag Queen Show, Tuesday, 31 August:

  • Theater Amsterdam
  • Boom Chicago
  • Paradiso
  • Melkweg

How do I arrange a corona access ticket for the evening programme?

  • For the vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated with European approved vaccine) download the CoronaCheck app or go to
  • For a test certificate, please make an appointment at There are more than 110 official test locations. The results can be found in the CoronaCheck app.
  • You do not have to pay for a test.
  • In case of a negative test result, you will receive a unique code that is converted into a digital corona access card in the form of a QR code via the CoronaCheck app or
  • The test must be taken within 24 hours.
  • You will usually receive the result within two hours.
  • Make sure you bring your corona access ticket, your identity card and your entrance ticket you received from your mentor to the programme location.
  • International visitors can also get a QR code if they test negative.

When to test during the Introduction Days?
The test result is valid for 24 hours. This means that you have to be tested within 24 hours before the start of the activity or event. You can be tested up to two hours before the event.

It may be possible that your test appointment takes place during part of the programme of the VU Introductory Days.  We understand that this is annoying, but health is our priority. We are forced to ask this of you, we cannot make any exceptions. You can also follow Comedy Night and the Drag Queen Show online, if obtaining a corona access ticket is not possible for you.

For more information, please visit Testen voor toegang (in English).

When will we know more about on campus activities?
Some degree programmes will probably organise on campus (real life) introductions in 2021. It therefore may take a bit longer to organise and plan than we had hoped. Over the summer, your degree programme will inform you of any on campus activities. 

Am I obliged to participate if I think it is an unsafe idea to travel because of the corona virus?
You are never required to attend! If you are not able or not willing to travel to the VU campus for an activity, this is OK. We understand. The offered information will be made available online as well.

Will programme elements be recorded?
We aim to record as many parts of the 2021 programme as possible. However, sometimes sessions do not lend themselves for recording, as they are personal in nature or there are copyright issues. Recordings that will be made available may have limited accessibility. But in any case, recordings will be available up to and including the first week of the academic year.