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For teachers & educational leaders

Would you like to work with other educational professionals on the education of the future? Interested in working with colleagues on specific themes? All of this is possible at the range of ‘meeting places’ organized and supervised by the LEARN! Academy. They are completely demand-driven. But we also have ready-made pop-ups based on our wide offering.

The best teaching is developed collaboratively
Teaching is a craft. It’s something that you continually develop, together with your fellow professionals. The best solutions for new challenges are developed collaboratively. In higher education, there is no shortage of challenges, especially now. Whether it’s course design, didactics, differentiation, assessment, student supervision, group dynamics, inclusivity or blended learning: at the LEARN! Academy, we’re happy to help you take the next step.

For individual teachers:

Theme: team development

For teams (or part of them):

Theme: leadership

Leadership can be learned

Committed and inspired leaders
Higher education needs leaders with an eye for people and quality. Leaders who work thoroughly and enthusiastically on high-quality higher education: inclusive, innovative, and socially engaged.

Through inspiring programs
We offer a cohesive range of inspiring programs and personal guidance. In our vibrant and inclusive learning environments, creativity, context awareness, collaboration and reflection are central.

With room for individuality
We start from the strength and individuality of our educational leaders. Their ambitions, questions, and dilemmas are central. They are given every opportunity to develop and strengthen their personal and collective leadership.

For leaders in education:

Especially for teachers in universities of applied sciences, we have group programmes for a minimum of eight participants. Email