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Academic Year 2021-2022 School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics is already busy with preparing for the upcoming academic year (2021-2022). As the outlook in the Netherlands is looking more favourable each day, we are finally preparing to go back to campus!

What does this mean for education on campus and online?
The Dutch government will make the final decision about whether or not universities have to adhere to the metre-and-a-half on campus on August 13th. We expect that this will no longer be the case. Our starting point is, as always, to offer students the best possible education. VU Amsterdam is therefore preparing to organize education without metre-and-a-half social distancing at the start of the new academic year. The faculty has already started with the process to facilitate a transition back to campus and we are fully aiming to being back on campus again in September without most, if not all, rules and restrictions.

This means, in short, that we expect that all students are able to follow on campus education in the new academic year, starting from September onwards. It could be that some courses are still offered online. We expect all students to attend education-related activities that are planned on campus, such as lectures, tutorials, exams and advisory sessions. Whether or not courses will be given (partly) still online, depends on various factors such as the size of the programme, the available spaces, and if we still need to adhere to some measures from the Dutch government.

You will be informed by your study programme what period 1 will look like for you. Therefore, keep a close eye on your VU mail, Canvas, your timetable and your VU dashboard in the coming period. We will keep you informed as much as possible before the year starts.

The campus will return to be become our principal meeting place again, for studying, socializing and  actively engaging in our academic community. Of course we will ensure that everyone can visit the campus safely and act in accordance with the rules of the RIVM and the government. More information about going returning to campus can be found on the Back to Campus pages.

VU Amsterdam and the faculty already have several scenarios in place should the situation take a turn for the worst again and requires us to take action. However, this is a ‘worst case scenario’ and we are optimistic that these strict rules will not be needed.

What if I cannot come to campus due to COVID19-related reasons?

It might be the case that (international) students cannot be on campus yet in period 1 for corona-related reasons, such as travel restrictions in your country. In that case, we will closely look at the options with the students in questions, and they might be able to follow (some) part of their programme online. Options that might be offered:

  • live lectures are facilitated to be hybrid or recorded;
  • If tutorials are scheduled to be back on campus, we will facilitate a (number) of tutorial(s) online as a safeguard option.

When it is impossible to facilitate a certain course component online, students will have to catch up on these activities at a later point in time. However, this is a last resort.

In case you are not able to travel to the Netherlands due to COVID19-related reasons, you contact our dedicated officer Raisa Hol on this specific email address: We will identify and where possible facilitate what is needed for the student to return back to campus or offer online alternatives if possible.

If you have any other questions about your study programme, studying at VU Amsterdam or other study-related questions, please get in contact with our studentdesk: . International Students are welcome to contact our International Student Advisors via