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What is the impact of globalisation on how we live

This minor addresses some of the most urgent global problems facing humanity, and explores the role of law in providing solutions, as well as critically examining where the law may be making the problems worse. It contains courses on the law relating to migration, climate change, the internet, as well as a selection of other current topics in transnational law which vary from year to year (past topics including fertility tourism, selling citizenship, the Covid-19 pandemic, and geoengineering).

The theme of the minor is the role of law in defining and resolving social issues concerning the globalisation of societies. Central topics are migration (transnational movement), internet (transnational communications) and climate change (transnational action). 

This minor offers students insight in questions, such as: 

  • Why transnational issues are not suited for unilateral, national actions
  • What states can do within international law (such as European Union law)
  • The ways in which states are currently responding to these issues
  • The criticism of the current actions and regulations
  • Future perspectives