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Biomolecular Science and Neuroscience - Track Biomolecular Sciences

Are you interested in molecular mechanisms and want to contribute to solving problems in health or biotechnology? Then this minor is just the thing for you. Check here whether you meet the admission requirements and find out how to apply.

The Biomolecular track of the Minor Biomolecular Science and Neuroscience is suitable for strongly interested students who plan to establish a solid fundament for a future career in the Life Sciences. This track is recommended for students who plan to enroll in the Master Biomolecular Sciences.

Admission and Registration

  • Admission and registration for VU students in life sciences

    This minor is suitable for third year BSc students in the life sciences. Students Biomedical Science, Biology and Health and Life science track Biomedical Science or Clinical Science can register directly.

  • FAQ

    • Is there a deadline for the selection of this minor?
      Check the minor in question on If applicable you will find a deadline mentioned there. It is advised to sign-up in case no deadline is mentioned.
      Caution: step 1 = signing-up for the minor, step 2 = registering for all courses. This is possible when the registration starts. Also see the registration periods on - student - to study - courses- register-deregister-for-courses-and-exams or on Information about registration
    • Is a green tick when selecting minors in the course registration module also sufficient when selecting minors with a maximum number of students?
      No, in that case you ought to register timely for all courses before they reach the set max. See VUweb under the tab information on Courses > Register/deregister for courses and exams.
      Caution: always select the academic year in which you plan to take the minor. This can be found in the right upper corner of the course registration module.
    • When can I register for the (minor)courses?
      When registration starts. See under the tab – student – to study -  courses or on Courses > Register/deregister for courses and exams.
    • I am registering for a minor with max courses. I am not sure there will be enough space. To be sure I would like to register for another minor, but it is not working. Can you help do this for me?
      No, unfortunately not. Due to organisational constraints, you can only select one minor. You can also only take one minor, as it is not feasible to take two simultaneously. A minor is a full programme. Make sure you register timely for the course(s) of this minor

    Don’t hesitate to contact the student desk at: if you still have questions about your admission, registration etc.

    Please contact Dirk Bald for content related questions at:

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Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Dirk Bald