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Understanding the foundation of life

Biomolecular Science and Neuroscience - Track Biomolecular Sciences

How do biomolecules and cells work together to make life possible? How can dysfunction lead to disease? How can you study these fundamental processes?

Biomolecules and cells form the basis of all life on earth. In Biomolecular Sciences, we aim at a fundamental understanding of molecules and cells, e.g. on how these building blocks work together to make life possible and on how dysfunction can lead to disease. The purpose of this minor is to offer the student in-depth knowledge of Biomolecular Sciences and/or Neuroscience. The student will gain insight into the latest knowledge of experimental cell biology during the first two courses of the minor (Experimental Cell Biology I and II). Next, students will choose a specific track, either Neurosciences or Biomolecular Sciences.

Change your world, take the minor Biomolecular Science and Neuroscience - Track Biomolecular Sciences

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