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Become aware of your perspective to the world

Dare to reflect on your own presuppositions and ‘social imaginaries’? Would you like to gain some basic knowledge about Reformed and Evangelical Christianity and Theology?

Sign up for the minor A Christian Worldview

Admission and registration

  • Admission

    Registration for this minor is now possible.

    There are no conditions for admissions, except an interest for the role (Christian) faith has for one's perspective. HBO students with some knowledge of Christianity are Welcome.

    If you wish to take this minor and you don’t study at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of VU Amsterdam, you do require the approval of the Examination Board of your own study programme.

    The minor is open to exchange and Semester in Amsterdam students.

  • Registration

    More information about Admission and Registration (Dutch: Aanmelden voor een minor).

    Students from other Dutch universities must register as a secondary subjects student (‘bijvakstudent’). 

    If you are not a student of the faculty Religion and Theology of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and would you like to take this minor? First request permission from your own Examination Board. Make sure that this permission is in place before the registration for the courses starts.

    You need to register for the courses you want to take. You can do this in the registration module on Take a look at the schedule for the course codes and pay attention to the registration deadlines.

    Are you an exchange student or Semester in Amsterdam student? The International Office is responsible for course approval and registration. Please contact either the Incoming Exchange Team or Semester in Amsterdam Team for details:

    Exchange programme –

    Semester in Amsterdam programme –

Do you want to know more, or do you want advice?

Don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Dr Henk van den Belt