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Study the societal impact of religion and theology

Theology and Religious Studies

The one-year Master's degree programme Theology & Religious Studies focuses on specific professional fields. You will be prepared for a professional career within or outside religious institutions. Each specialization focuses on their own field.

Interreligious Studies
Globalisation has given rise to an even greater need for religious dialogue in all areas of society, from politics and business to education and daily life. Increasing mobility, changing ways of communication and flows of migrants have all made the world a smaller place – and the need for social cohesion greater than ever. This track will give you the knowledge and skills you need to help build bridges between people from different faith traditions and so contribute to that improved social cohesion. If you want to become part of that, this track might be for you.

Peace, Trauma and Religion
Religion is often misused to incite violent conflicts, but at the same time, it is one of the strongest ethical and spiritual resources for conflict resolution and transitional justice. This Master’s programme explores and teaches the knowledge, skills and insights you will need for a career in the growing field of peace and conflict studies.

Exploring a Discipline
This track offers you a tailor-made opportunity to deepen your knowledge of one particular topic, or discipline, within theology and religious studies. You can pursue a thematic or disciplinary focus of your own choice; the faculty’s research centres offer various specialisations and the track’s coordinator is happy to advise you personally concerning your options. Your own interests, passion and curiosity are the points of departure for this track.

Spiritual Care
Read all about the Dutch track 'Spiritual Care' on the Dutch page. The start date of this programme is September 1st.

Facts and figures

New: Evangelical & Baptistic Leadership

If you are a student enthusiastic about your Christian faith, the church and God’s mission, and are looking for ways to serve in an evangelical Protestant church or organisation, this master’s programme is for you! It will enrich and deepen your knowledge of evangelical and baptistic theology and prepare you for a role of leadership. Throughout the modules, a continuous interaction is sought between the actual life of church communities and faith practices, the reflection and deepening of theological knowledge and the personal and professional formation of the student.

Read more about the Evangelical & Baptistic Leadership master's programme


Dr. Hans Riphagen


Change your future with the Theology and Religious Studies programme

Change your future with the Theology and Religious Studies programme

After this Master’s programme you’ll be qualified for a career in any institution that demands theological or interreligious competencies: schools, hospitals, governmental and non-governmental institutions and corporate environments.

Explore your future prospects
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