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Falko – student in Artificial Intelligence

While going on vacation, Falko and his friends were given the option to offset the CO2 emissions of their flight. That made them think: Why can't we do that with everything? But to offset your carbon footprint, you have to know how big it is. During his Artificial Intelligence studies, Falko—together with his friends and students in Marketing, Law and Climate Sciences—built a smart calculator that figures this out for you and helps you offset it.

Do you know how big your carbon footprint is? The free CarbonCalculator from CarbonCancel calculates it for you.

Do you know how big your carbon footprint is? The free CarbonCalculator from CarbonCancel calculates it for you.

Many people care about the global climate, but how can you as an individual make a difference? With CarbonCancel, you take control of your own carbon footprint. Within 5 minutes, you know where your CO2 emissions come from and how your lifestyle affects your carbon footprint. But it doesn't stop at calculations. You also receive tips on how to reduce your emissions. If you want to live completely climate neutral, CarbonCancel offers memberships. With this, you support projects that reduce or eliminate emissions elsewhere, for example by planting trees or investing in green energy. And you can view your own CO2 emissions at any time with a personal dashboard. This allows you to take your first step without leaving a footprint.

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