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Learn to master your own creativity

Sem02 (2021-2022) Mastering Creativity

How can creativity help to navigate the world around us and our future in it?

This course is developed for students to ‘master their own creativity.’ This term, Mastering Creativity, is used to combine the theoretical mastery, the understanding, with the practical mastery, the application. Both theoretical and practical sides will take place within different but connected contexts: academic, practical, personal, social and professional entry angles will alternate within this course.

An interdisciplinary approach of this essential human quality will help to understand creativity and be creative in your personal and professional life. This learning process will contribute to the development in becoming an authentic, conscious and agile human being.

This course is a collaboration between The School of Business and Economics and De Bildung Academie. For more information and course details, go to 'Curriculum' at the top of the page.