As one of our graduates, VU Amsterdam is eager to keep in touch with you, no matter where in the world life takes you. We are very interested to know how you are doing, what direction your career has taken following your studies and what your individual needs and wishes are as an alumnus.
The university can keep you informed of new developments in science, the goings-on at the Amsterdam campus, other news and on events and activities that we organize for our alumni in the Netherlands and abroad.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date on all this and more, please share your contact details with us.

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‘Orientation year’ residence permit for foreign graduates in the Netherlands

The Netherlands strongly values highly educated foreigners who can strengthen a diverse high-skilled community.  Therefore the Dutch government facilitates careers for international talents by offering an orientation year also known as ‘Search year. The orientation year is a residence permit that allows international students from outside the EU that have recently graduated from a Dutch university, to search for a job or to start-up their own company without having to apply for a work permit.
If you are focusing on finding a job in the Netherlands after your graduation then apply for the ‘orientation year for highly educated persons’! For more information about the possibilities, the conditions and the application procedure, please visit the IND website, or the website of the Holland Alumni Network.

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