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Science with the neighborhood

This project brings together teachers, students and community residents to co-create and integrate knowledge, in order to strengthen the relationship between science and society.

How do we address the growing societal loneliness in a digitally connected world? In what socially just ways can we make our lives and living conditions more sustainable? To address these complex challenges multiple perspectives are required to create a socially just, inclusive and effective solution. For this reason, this project brings together teachers, students, societal partners and community residents to co-create and integrate knowledge, in order to address complex problems that influence the lives of different communities and neighborhoods in the municipality of Amsterdam.

The main goal of this project is to strengthen the relationship between science and society by nurturing a relationship between students from different knowledge institutions and communities in the city of Amsterdam in order to, on the one hand, show how science can contribute to and shape society, and on the other hand show how society can contribute to and shape science. We especially aim to reach out to citizens who usually wouldn’t come into contact with science.

This project builds on an educational model that was developed and executed from 2018 onwards. The model brought Master students from different educational backgrounds and community residents from Amsterdam Nieuw-West together in dialogue. Together, they identified societal problems from within the communities, and worked towards properly addressing these problems. After positive responses from both the students and the residents, the current project aims to improve and scale up this model within the municipality of Amsterdam. 

Over the next 2 years (start June 2022), this project will work on this upscaling in collaboration with welfare organisation VoorUit, the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). When the dialogue takes place at several locations in Amsterdam, AUAS students will be actively involved and science communication will play a central role in starting the interaction between science and society.

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