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Well-being for head of a team/department and supervisors of the faculty

Managing your team has changed on many points in the past year; working remotely makes a number of things more difficult and complex. How is the employees' wellbeing going? How do you keep an overview of the workload? This may differ individually for employees; some can work well from home, others experience extra pressure.

For managers it is important that extra support is offered to employees who indicate that they need it or where you as a manager think it is necessary. This can be done in various ways. The Faculty Board has drawn up various tools for this.

Tools for heads


    Stay in touch with employees at critical times of changes in corona measures. Communicate clearly, show understanding for the situation, but also show your trust in your employees. Explain the implications of the measures per department or level of education.


    While one can work fine from home, others will be busier. Create insight into who can do more or less work at the moment. Then determine in consultation who can take on what and see what additional help is needed from the outside.


    It is also important to stay in dialogue with employees on an individual level. About the work-life balance, the needs and possibilities with regard to execution and priorities of tasks. What is needed, what is not, what gives you energy and what can be done more efficiently? But also about the wishes and possibilities for support from VU Amsterdam. Think of home workplace arrangements, IT, commute and help from other or temporary employees.


    Social encounters between colleagues will now have to be organized more, because they no longer arise spontaneously. Check whether informal meetings can be organized (one-on-one or within a team or department) on a regular basis. Keep these separate from the substantive meetings. Stimulating physical exercise, for example by organizing meetings on foot, if possible. Which is also a great way to keep employees physically fit.


    There are various support measures that can be taken by supervisors to relieve the workload for employees. These temporary measures are described in more detail in this document. This could include, for example, the deployment of student assistants or temporary extension of contracts that expire for certain groups. The faculty has also been assigned 5 student assistants who will be deployed for study programs and the education office.

    As a manager, you can also use the workload matrix to get tips on how to relieve the workload for employees. As a manager you can also communicate this with your employees.