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VU Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (VICES)

VU Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (VICES) is a platform for researchers at VU to share their research, work together, and develop new ideas new ideas regarding Europe and European integration.

It welcomes all those at the university who are interested in contemporary Europe, and extends an ongoing invitation for them to participate in events, share their thoughts, make suggestions, and apply for funding. It also aims to include colleagues who do not study Europe directly, but who have ideas or knowledge that can help us understand the continent and its dynamics. These may be political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, cultural theorists, economists, lawyers or others. 


  • Why have VICES?

    VICES aims to: 

    • invigorate and raise the profile of the research done at VU on Europe
    • create new interdisciplinary networks of researchers 
    • add to the field of European studies by offering a distinctive and refreshing perspective on the field
    • facilitate new research projects, new funding and new ideas
  • Our mission statement

    European integration is a uniquely radical experiment in governance, which can only be understood by drawing on the insights of the human and social sciences beyond those traditionally regarded as ‘European studies’. The study of Europe needs to become less introspective, and more exploratory: we plead for a turn to the outside, to reinvigorate the field.

  • Themes

    VICES is inspired by eight themes. These are not intended to be exhaustive or to exclude other projects. However, they each reflect an aspect of the contemporary world with which European Studies needs to engage, and give an indication of how the field can connect with and be enriched by other disciplines. The themes are:

    • Complexity & Governance
    • Technology & Power
    • Identity Politics
    • Feminism & Diversity
    • Illiberal Democracy
    • Globalisation & militarization
    • Redistribution & sharing
    • Constitutional resistance & civil disobedience

    Each of these will be the subject of workshops and other events. All those who would like to contribute to thinking about these topics are invited to let us know at Colleagues from outside the VU are welcome to participate too.

  • Contact & people

    VICES has a supervisory board consisting of the deans of the contributing faculties (Law and Social Science). 

    The day-to-day management is done by Prof. Bastiaan van Apeldoorn and Prof. Gareth Davies. Assistance is provided by Lisanne de Blok. VICES can be contacted at or LinkedIn