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Training Programme (regulations, forms and courses)

For every PhD candidate it is important to deepen their knowledge and skills, enabling them to become fully qualified scientists.

The educational program for PhD candidates within AIMMS provides for a variety of activities enhancing the academic, professional and general skills of PhD candidates. More information regarding regulations and courses can be found here, as well as all necessary forms.


A 4-year PhD student should acquire 30 ECs. Within 3 months of the PhD start date, the AIMMS PhD Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) should be filled in according to the guidelines (see below).
In the PhD Actions and Timeline document you can find an overview of all (administrative) actions that need to be performed within the PhD programme. PhD students are advised to keep track of the timeline themselves.

PhD Actions and Timeline Checklist

Guidelines PhD Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

PhD Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) Table

All TSPs need to be approved by the PhD coordinator of the graduate school (i.e. the AIMMS scientific director) at the start and at the end of your PhD. Please sent TSPs to this address: TSPs should first be sent to the AIMMS director before uploading it in Hora Finita, otherwise you risk that your registration will be rejected. Note that TSPs will be checked every two weeks.


PhDs appointed within AIMMS are supervised by at least one supervisor, preferably two. The daily supervision will be the responsibility of the direct supervisor, who is one of the staff members of the AIMMS division. This can be the promotor or one of the associate/assistant professors. In addition, you will need an external advisor, who will meet with the candidate and his/her promotor at least once during the PhD trajectory. This advisor should be from outside the research section, but can be from within the department or other departments within AIMMS. This external advisor will help keep track of the progress and can ensure that the thesis is sufficient to comply with standards in the field. Details should be given in the TSP table.


A 4-year PhD student should acquire 30 ECs. Points can be awarded by means of different activities. An overview of all activities can be found in the Guidelines PhD Training and Supervision plan.  

Among these activities are courses. An overview of available courses can be found here.  

- VU courses

AIMMS courses

External courses