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The Traces of the Transcendent research program focusses on interdisciplinary approaches to religion and its manifestations in various spaces and places.

In this program, religion is understood as a cultural phenomenon. Topics of interest include:

  • Search for meaning
  • Beliefs and practices
  • Texts and traditions
  • Social, historical, political contexts

To support researchers, the Traces of the Transcendent program wishes to organize a number of events, including three to four seminars a year (which will include at least one session geared towards a broader audience), feedback sessions for grant applications on VU-, national-, and European levels, monthly reading group sessions, and symposiums and lectures.

Societal partners

  • Museums
  • Cultural and religious heritage
  • Religious institutions and practitioners
  • Theater companies
  • Artists

VU partners

  • VU Connected World
  • Amsterdam Sustainability Institute

Research Coordinators: Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte and Jessica Roitman