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Find the tools to make your research easier on this page.

Scroll down for an overview of tools the VU has to offer.

RDM Tools

  • Data collection tools

    On the data collection LibGuide you can find information on data collection. 

    For example:

    • Qualtrics: a web-based survey tool that you can use to distribute surveys for research. The platform is characterised by a great diversity of possible question types, great flexibility in the design of surveys, the possibility to score surveys, creating quizzes for use in education, and several ways to distribute surveys.
      The VU has signed an agreement with Qualtrics regarding the use and the protection of data. Qualtrics is now ISO27001 certified, which means that Qualtrics can be used for data that are not extremely sensitive.

      If you are not sure if you can or should use Qualtrics to collect your data, please e-mail the RDM Support Desk.
  • Data analysis tools

    On the data analysis LibGuide you can find an overview of tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis and download options.

    VU also offers tools for high performance computing, for researchers and students who need more computing power than their own device can provide. Visit the HPC LibGuide for more information

    VU reccommends using open software as much as possible for your data analysis, as doing so increases the accessiblity, interoperability and reusability of your data. Visit the data analysis LibGuide for more information on how to do so. 

  • Data storage tools

    On the data storage LibGuide you can find information of the storage solutions that are supported by the VU. 

    For example: 

    If you are unsure which storage solution is best suited for your data, please take a look at the storage matrix.

  • Data archiving tools

    According to VU RDM Policy, all publication-related data should be archived for at least ten years for verification and replication of research.
    See the archiving LibGuide for information about the repositories VU supports.

  • More tools

    • Get inspired by this list of RDM tools on GitHub!
    • This detailed research process gives a clear overview of the steps you need to take for your research. 
    • You can use the DMP Online tool to write your data management plan (DMP), and work on your plan together with researchers both within and outside of VU Amsterdam.
  • Could not find the tool you are looking for?

    • Need help from the IT department? The Ask IT service portal facilitates all IT services. Get all the answers to your questions and submit your IT-related requests on Ask IT.
    • For all other questions regarding research data management, please reach out to the research support team!