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What is The Boardroom like?

Experiences of former participants in The Boardroom

Babette Fonkert - MSc Environment and Resource Management
“By participating in The Boardroom you get a glimpse of worlds you might not have been able to enter otherwise. Let fellow Boardroom participants expand or refute your point of view, as they are each driven by their own unique passions and world views. It’s inspiring, but it’s also good for your network.”

Zita Divendal – MA Policy, Communication and Organisation
“Via The Boardroom, I came into contact many different kinds of companies, where people spoke open-heartedly. I have the idea that I’ve gained a better understanding of how organisations work, and what kinds of organisations are best suited to me.”

Marieke Heijen – MA Communication Science
“I thought it was really unique how open everyone was during the seminars. That openness, combined with the presence of respected alumni, made The Boardroom a very inspiring experience for me.”

Niels Wolfshagen – MA Medicine
“As a medical student, you develop an outlook focusing on hospitals and patients. The unique combination of the VU alumni’s experiences and the professors’ academic context helped to expand my perspective. I’d definitely recommend it!”

Morsal Ayoubi - LL.M. Transnational Legal Studies
“The Boardroom curriculum provided a lot of practical information in a very short time frame. That was due both to the cooperation with students from a variety of fields of study and the contacts with professionals who elaborated real-world case studies based on their own experiences.”