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The Boardroom

In an exclusive program of 10 inspiring master classes, leading alumni share their expertise and experience with a group of 20 talented master students. A unique opportunity for alumni to speak with students about their work and support a new generation in their first steps on the job market.

The program The Boardroom will be redesigned in 2022-2023. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Alumni who previously contributed to The Boardroom

  • Chantal Achterberg, silver medal rowing Olympics 2016
  • Jacobine Geel, presenter & chair Human Rights Board
  • Ron Teerlink, former board member Rabobank
  • Maurits Groen, founder of WakaWaka and owner of WholyGreens
  • Hendrik Jan Roel, CFO citizenM
  • Jille Tabak, former vice-president Unilever
  • Hugo von Meijenfeldt, senior sustainability advisor & ambassador SDG House Network
  • Frédérique ter Brugge, managing director Amsterdam Light Festival
  • Michael Musandu, founder & CEO Lalaland
  • Ugnius Rimsa, founder & CTO Lalaland
  • Merel Dorgelo, owner SwitchLegal Advocaten
  • Ron van den Hoven van Genderen, professor of AI & Robotlaw - University of Lapland
  • Lydia Krabbendam, professor of Developmental Neuropsychology

Program The Boardroom 2021 – 2022

Developing talent - November 4, 2021
Jille Tabak spent a long time as Vice President HR Marketing, Communications & Sustainability Global at Unilever in London. Now he is working as an independent consultant. On this evening, he spoke to students about his career and his views on personal development and leadership. 

Initiatives in sustainability, an integrated approach - November 11, 2021
Hugo von Meijenfeldt focused on a more sustainable world as a lawyer, manager and diplomat. He served the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Climate. Now he works as a senior advisor on sustainability.
Hugo looked with the students at opportunities for young professionals to develop 'disruptive responses' in response to complex challenges, through an integrated approach with a focus on society, environment, economy and security.  

Amsterdam Light Festival - January 13, 2022 
Frédérique ter Brugge is managing director of the Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation and board member of the International Light Festival Association.
Frédérique shed light on the worldwide popularity of light festivals, and addressed the dynamics surrounding these events from artistic, social and economic perspectives as well as from the viewpoint of sustainability. This evening ended with a lovely boat trip along the highlights of the tenth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. 

Michael Musandu and Ugnius Rimsa - Feb. 3, 2022
In 2019, VU alumni Michael Musandu and Ugnius Rimsa founded Lalaland. This startup uses AI to create and hyper-personalize full human body models. For example, these models are available in different ethnicities, sizes and ages, making it easier for customers to recognize themselves in the fashion outfit of their choice.
Michael and Ugnius shared with the students their insights regarding founding a startup and what it takes to achieve your goal. 

Robotics Law - April 7, 2022
Merel Dorgelo practices at SwitchLegal Lawyers and is a board member of the Dutch Association for AI and Robot Law (NVAIR). Rob van den Hoven van Genderen is professor of AI & Robot Law at Lapland University, director of the VU Center of Law and Internet (CLI) and president of NVAIR.
Merel and Rob engaged the group in a presentation on research focused on questions such as: "Does a robot earn money? May a robot receive punishment? Can a robot start proceedings in the Amsterdam court? Does a robot have legal personality?' 

Speaking in public - May 12, 2022
Jacobine Geel is a prominent TV presenter and chair of the Human Rights Board. Lydia Krabbendam is a professor of Developmental Neuropsychology.
Lydia and Jacobine engaged with the students on the theme of 'public speaking from authenticity'. 

The program of The Boardroom 2021 - 2022 further consisted of:

  • 4 sessions focused on a Business Case selected by alumni
  • a workshop provided by Boer & Croon
  • the annual concert of VU Orchestra in the Royal Concertgebouw 

In the Business Case, alumni ask students to help find an answer to a specific question. In 4 sessions, students work on this project in their own time, learning to put recently acquired skills into practice.

The Boardroom

VU alumni about their participation in The Boardroom

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