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Student council

All students of the Faculty of Humanities are represented by the Faculty Student Council (FSR). The FSR is included in relevant decisions by the Faculty Board and the establishment of (faculty) regulations, where the FSR’s task is to take account of the students’ needs.

Every six weeks, the FSR convenes with the Faculty Board and the participation body of the employees of the faculty. In this joint assembly, the FSR has the right to give advice, the right to initiative and/or the right of consent. By means of these rights, the FSR has the ability to prevent decisions that would impact students negatively, as well as bring problems to the fore that require the Faculty Board’s attention. The most important document the FSR has a say in is the Teaching and Examination Regulation (OER), in which the rights and duties of both the student and the faculty regarding teaching and examination are listed.

Contact point Humanities students
Next to being the student participation body, the FSR is, most importantly, the contact point for all Humanities students (Bachelor and Master). Students are always welcome to approach the FSR with questions, suggestions or complaints. The more students come to the FSR with problems or questions, the better the council can represent them and tackle those problems.

The FSR is a democratically elected participation body and the councillors are always elected by the students of the faculty at the end of every academic year.

The council of 2021-2022
In the board year of 2021-2022, the Faculty Student Council of the Humanities consists of:

Chair: Rutger Selier (Filosofie van Cultuur en Bestuur)
Vice Chair: Kat Baron (Literature & Society)
Secretary: Amber de Haan (Literature & Society)
Treasurer: Luuk Dubbeld (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE))
Public Relations (PR): Elisabeth van Vliet (Philosophy)
General Member: Voke Akati-Udi History and International Studies)

Don’t hesitate to contact the FSR if you have questions, suggestions or complaints! You can reach the FSR via mail, on Facebook and Instagram, and the councillors can often be found in the Social Room of the faculty.

Social room: HG-12A43