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Student associations

Within the Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences (FGB), students can join a variety of student associations in accordance with their interests. V.I.B. (Human Movement Sciences) and VSPVU (Psychology and Education) are the study associations affiliated with the FGB. In the study associations, the emphasis is more on socialising and relaxation.

In addition, the study associations occasionally organise study-related activities for students of your own faculty. If you are an active member of an association, you can participate in the committees. You can help to organise excursions or join the editorial team of the association's magazine. 

Besides V.I.B, and VSPVU, there are two other organisations within the FGB that represent the interests of the students: the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and the Faculty Student Consultation (F.S.O.G.B.). For more information, click on one of the student organisations in the left-hand menu.

Study associations

  • V.I.B. (Bewegingswetenschappen)

    Vereniging In Beweging is the study association of the Human Movement Sciences programme. All V.I.B. members study Human Movement Sciences. The difference between a study association and a student association is that everything is possible but nothing is compulsory. So there are no obligations, merely a whole host of opportunities!

    What does V.I.B. do?
    The V.I.B. does everything it can to support its members in their studies, education, social life and much more. To ensure our future human movement scientists have an unforgettable time at VU University Amsterdam, the V.I.B. runs a number of committees that organise enjoyable activities for a low price. These activities give students a better idea of the opportunities and perspectives within the field of Human Movement Sciences. They also help the students to relax and escape the stress of their studies.

    More information
    The V.I.B. board members are available from Monday to Friday in the board room (Faculty of Medicine, Room C489).

  • VSPVU (Association of Students of Psychology and Education at VU University Amsterdam)

    The VSPVU is the study association for the Psychology and Education programmes. The VSPVU organises all kinds of events, ranging from conferences, lectures and museum visits to drinks receptions, sporting events and trips abroad. Being an active member of the VSPVU offers a whole host of advantages. For example, you learn how to organise events and you work intensively in teams. Furthermore, your membership also entitles you to discounts on textbooks, summaries and activities organised by the VSPVU.

    More information

    You can find more information on:

  • FGB Facultaire Studentenraad (FSR)

    What is the Student Council (FSR)?

    We are 7 students who represent the students of the faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences. We receive comments from students and convey them to the faculty board to make decisions which best match students’ wishes. We always welcome all of your ideas, suggestions and complaints about: 

    • Facilities
    • Quality of education
    • Other issues concerning the faculty. 

    Your opinions are always welcome.

    FSR-VI 2020-2021:

    1. Chairman: Niel Houtkamp
    2. Vice-Chairman: Kerem Özel
    3. Secretary: Floris Kolner
    4. Treasurer & Coordinator Pedagogical Sciences: Lucinda de Graaff
    5. Coordinator Human Movement Sciences: Kjell Bottema
    6. Coordinator Psychology: Alina Kaiser
    7. Public Relations: Hà Diệu My

    How you can reach us?

    • E-mail:
    • Facebook: @studentenraadFGB
    • Instagram: @fsr_fgb
    • Whatsapp: +31 6 47172721 
    • Room: MF D-658
  • Facultair Studenten Overleg (F.S.O.G.B.)

    Het F.S.O.G.B. is een maandelijks overleg met alle studenten die binnen de Faculteit der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetenschappen (FGB) de belangen van de studenten behartigen in verschillende commissies en besturen. Door middel van het F.S.O.G.B. blijven alle commissies en besturen op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen binnen de faculteit die voor studenten van belang zijn.

    Organen en de functie van het F.S.O.G.B.
    Het F.S.O.G.B. bestaat uit de facultaire studentenraad, de tien opleidingscommissies, de twee studieverenigingen (V.I.B. en VSPVU) en de studentassessor van de FGB. De studentassessor is een student-lid in het faculteitsbestuur. Hij of zij is tevens voorzitter van het F.S.O.G.B. Elke commissie en elk orgaan zal tijdens de vergadering een afvaardiging sturen.

    Meer informatie over de F.S.O.G.B. is te vinden op VUnet (voor VU studenten en medewerkers). Heb je vragen of opmerkingen, mail dan naar Ivar Maas.