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Servant-Leadership Research Programme

The Servant-Leadership Research Programme purpose is to strengthen the knowledge and research of Servant-Leadership best practices. 

Attending executives take part in: 

  • stimulating lectures, workshops and good practice cases 
  • fieldwork in a community service project 
  • research in your own organization around leadership dilemmas 

Through intensive dialogues with professors and peers, as well as members of society, participants gain a stronger understanding of how to strengthen their own skills and serve their organization. 

Take a look at SLRP brochure 2019. To discuss any specifics and in-company prospects, please do not hesitate to contact SLRP Programme Director Dr. Sylvia van de Bunt:, 020-5986105.


The in-company research project is a valuable and practical tool to build the bridge between the theoretical frameworks and experiences from the Servant-Leadership Research Programme and my organisation. It enables you to reflect about your own role, style and the context of the organisation that you are engaged with. It is also a great opportunity to share insights on Servant-leadership with the organisation, both with leadership and peers, and thereby contribute to their challenges and dilemmas.

Riccardo Altenburg, Manager, KPMG
With this new kind of view I considered a lot of familiar situations through a new perspective. And I started to practice; Not that I became a Servant Leader from one day to the other but I changed my way of working. I do ask now instead of telling and I listen to the meaning of my people and let them present a solution instead of telling them what to. It creates more closeness to the decisions we make and stimulates the responsibility of each leader.

Thomas Schmitz, Regional Director, Lidl Belgium
Once in a while, you come across a theory or model that hits the mark and you recognize your (desired or lack of) behavior and that of others. My introduction to the Servant-Leadership approach was such a moment. As a new-born dad I recognize the impact of better serving through leading and being a better leader through serving.

Maurice Urlings, Manager, KPMG


SLRP gave me the opportunity to reflect about my own leadership and about leadership in our organisation. It gave me a new boost of energy, it made me take on another perspective and it made me question the current way of working (my own and that of the organisation). Also the concept of Humble Inquiry was very enlightening.

Leen Wouters, Manager Training & Development, Lidl, Belgium
Insights can build a business. People can accelerate the building of a business. Servant Leadership provides insights in people and a sustainable basis for acceleration of both the people as well as the business. Business in a globalizing world is perceived differently between cultures. Servant Leadership provides insights to deal with these differences and come to better and more sustainable solutions for both the people as well as the business!

Bastiaan J.J. de Koning, Global Business Director Innovation, DSM Dyneema
The SLRP gave me a much broader insight and context to a very appealing leadership style that for sure will bring high added value for any organization. Via cross company and experiential learning the SLRP is a truly inspiring experience for the leaders of the future.

Ronald Hoenen, Site Manager, DSM Dyneema in Heerlen,

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