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Science, Business and Innovation

The Science, Business & Innovation (SBI) group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is all about R&D-based innovation and valorization of scientific knowledge. SBI explores both the natural science behind innovations as well as the business- and social scientific aspects of innovations that sprout from natural scientific research & development.

Scientific themes
The central scientific themes are Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability. Both themes are of the utmost importance for governmental organizations, commercial firms, NGOs, customers and society. We live in an era where ecological, social and sustainable energy applications and health technologies become increasingly important. Energy & Sustainability and Life & Health are the innovation themes of the present and of the future.

In this short video Eva Heslenfeld will tell you why she has chosen for the bachelor Science, Business, and Inovation (in Dutch!). 

Research chairs
The group’s research is organized around two research chairs. The chair Science, Business & Innovation researches the management and organization of R&D-based innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability.  The chair Organization, Entrepreneurship & Technology investigates the entrepreneurial antecedents of R&D-based innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability. Within these research chairs the following scholars contribute:

Prof. dr. ir. B.A.G. (Bart) Bossink, Full Professor SBI
Prof. dr. ir. F.K. (Kees) Boersma, Full Professor SBI
Prof. em. dr. P.C. (Peter) van der Sijde, Professor Emeritus SBI
Dr. M.L. (Marlous) Blankesteijn, Assistant professor SBI
Dr. K.D. (Kevin) Augustijn, Assistant professor SBI
Dr. S. (Sandra) Hasanefendic, Assistant professor SBI
Dr. I. (Iddo) Heller, Assistant professor
Dr. J. (Jeroen) Koelemeij, Assistant professor
Dr. C. (Charusheela) Ramanan, Assistant professor
Mr. Jorick Houtkamp, lecturer SBI

Educational programs
SBI runs a bachelor’s degree program (180 EC) and a master’s degree program (120 EC) in Science, Business & Innovation. Both programs are rooted in the SBI research areas and aim to train academic professional in the field of R&D driven innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability.

Programme coordination office and student relations: M.R. (Marije) de Roos.

Internship and business relations office: E.H. (Els) Kroezinga. 

PhD at SBI
Science, Business, Innovation Division welcomes PhD candidates to develop their research at the intersection of science, society, business and innovation. We collaborate with the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Social Science, and School of Business and Economics in the PhD trajectory. 

For more information on the conditions for PhD application, information in relation to PhD process at SBI and inquiries from our current PhD candidates please contact Sandra Hasanefendic. 

Contact: Dr. Sandra Hasanefendic  

To find out more about the structure of our PhD program please check the Faculty of Science dedicated webpage: PhD programmes.

Information for (international) PhD candidates on application, admittance, regulations, educational procedures, funding, accommodation and visa can be found HERE or by sending an inquiry email to the PhD team at VU International Office.

Ramla Jamac & MobileUurka

Ramla Jamac & MobileUurka

Ramla Jamac StudenTalent of the Master Science, Business, and Innovation has completed her internship at a personalized nutrition start-up where they use artificial intelligence to provide nutrition and lifestyle advice. She then started her own start-up, MobileUurka, together with Daniyal Selani. Curious about her story? Then watch the video here!

StudentTalent Winnaar Ramla Jamac

More information

  • Current PhD Candidates

    Yuxi Dai

    Project title: The relationship between business model of firms and the sustainability performance of smart city projects
    Start date: 2021
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink & Dr. Sandra Hasanefendic 

    John Sterk

    Project title: Chinese digital entrepreneurial diaspora networks in Europe
    Start date: 2021
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink & Dr. Ying Zhang (RSM)

    Sneha Saha

    Project title: Ambidexterity co-value creation in the drug discovery of GPCR cancer research
    Start date: 2020
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde & Prof. Jacqueline van Muijlwijk 

    Fiza Ahmed

    Project title: Living, working and shaping the city 
    Start date: 2020
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde & Dr. Marlous Blankesteijn 

    Amy Abdou

    Project title: Cultivating sustainable urban entrepreneurship in Amsterdam Zuidoost
    Start date: 2020
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde & Dr. Marlous Blankesteijn

    Ikenga Godwin Uzoamaka 

    Project title: Succession planning in family business and generation transition at a cross-road: An exploratory analysis and comparison of traditional-owned businesses and innovative family-owned businesses
    Start date: 2020
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde & Prof. Bart Bossink

    Rong Wang

    Project title: Assessing techno-economic feasibility of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology
    Start date: 2019
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink & Prof. Elizabeth von Hauff (Fraunhofer, Dresden) & Dr. Sandra Hasanefendic

    Zhongxuan Ma

    Project title: University-industry cooperation for pharmaceutical innovation
    Start date: 2019
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink & Prof. Iwan de Esch & Dr. Kevin Augustijn

    Chanté van Tonder

    Project title: Digitalization of Business Models in SMEs
    Start date: 2019
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink, Prof. Cecile Nieuwenhuizen (University of Johannesburg) & Dr. Chris Schachtebeck (University of Johannesburg)

    Jan-Peter Doomernik

    Project title: De-escalation of energy systems to avoid unforeseen tipping points 
    Start date: 2018
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde 

    Jingjing Ge

    Project title: Entrepreneurship in changing environments: effectuation and absorptive capacity 
    Start date: 2018
    Supervisors: Prof. Bart Bossink & Dr. Peter Peverelli

    Hans Frederik

    Project title: The connection of UAS programs to the professional field
    Start date: 2013
    Supervisors: Prof. Peter van der Sijde 

  • SUBLIEM SBI Student association

    Study association S.V. Subliem organises study-oriented and casual activities for the students of the Science, Business and Innovation programme. 

    During the interdisciplinary study, the students receive natural sciences and business courses. The students are taught 'to bridge'​ between the technicians and natural scientists on one side, and the more money driven business managers on the other side. Due to the broad knowledge base and combined with personal interest, many SBI-graduates become consultants. Others begin their carreer at start-up companies or at larger companies as part of a specific project. The knowledge on several aspects involved in business processes and innovation is in all situations highly appreciated by the employees. 

    By organising in-house days, seminars and workshops in cooperation with companies, we connect our students in an early stage to companies that might be interesting for their future careers.