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Science, Business and Innovation

The Science, Business & Innovation (SBI) group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is all about R&D-based innovation and valorization of scientific knowledge. SBI explores both the natural science behind innovations as well as the business- and social scientific aspects of innovations that sprout from natural scientific research & development.

Scientific themes
The central scientific themes are Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability. Both themes are of the utmost importance for governmental organizations, commercial firms, NGOs, customers and society. We live in an era where ecological, social and sustainable energy applications and health technologies become increasingly important. Energy & Sustainability and Life & Health are the innovation themes of the present and of the future.

Research chairs
The group’s research is organized around two research chairs. The chair Science, Business & Innovation researches the management and organization of R&D-based innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability.  The chair Organization, Entrepreneurship & Technology investigates the entrepreneurial antecedents of R&D-based innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability. Within these research chairs the following scholars contribute:

Prof. Dr. B.A.G. (Bart) Bossink, Full Professor
Prof. Dr. P.C. (Peter) van der Sijde, Full Professor
Dr. J.P. (Jan) Dekker, Associate professor
Dr. M.L. (Marlous) Blankesteijn, Assistant professor
Dr. K.D. (Kevin) Augustijn, Assistant professor
Dr. I. (Iddo) Heller, Assistant professor
P. (Peter) van Hoorn, M.Sc., Senior Lecturer

Educational programs
SBI runs a bachelor’s degree program (180 EC; Program Director P. (Peter) van Hoorn, M.Sc.) and a master’s degree program (120 EC; Program Director Prof.dr. P.C. (Peter) van der Sijde) in Science, Business & Innovation. The program coordination office (M.R. (Marije) de Roos, M.Sc.) and  the internship office (E.H. (Els) Kroezinga) have a central role in the coordination of both programs. Both programs are rooted in the SBI research areas and aim to train academic professional in the field of R&D driven innovation and valorization in Life & Health and Energy & Sustainability.