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Science for Sustainability

VU Amsterdam has a clear vision and a clear set of ambitions when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability is an integral part of teaching and research, operations management and the buildings at the VU campus. Our core values are stewardship, responsibility and consideration for future generations. VU Amsterdam strives to maintain its current position amongst the top 10 most sustainable universities worldwide.

Sustainable development involves achieving an ideal balance between economic interests (profit), ecology (planet) and social concerns (people). This is not just of concern in the here and now, but also in the ‘there’ and ‘later’, with relevance abroad (particularly in developing countries) and for future generations.


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During the opening of the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute, the director of SDG Charter Nederland, Maresa Oosterman, and the vice-dean of the Faculty of Science, Jacqueline Broerse, signed the SDG Charter. View the video of the opening here >

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Science for Sustainability

  • Collaboration

    Green Office VU
    Green Office VU, which was established in 2014, is VU Amsterdam’s sustainability platform for students and university staff. The office is run by students. It is concerned with sustainability projects within four portfolios (campus, community, education and research), and organizes events, campaigns, lectures and information days. These community services help link VU Amsterdam with society, with academic knowledge flowing back into society. 

    Centre for International Cooperation
    The Centre for International Cooperation (CIS) initiates, coordinates and (co-)implements programmes and projects in capacity building, education, research and outreach in cooperation with partners (universities, government agencies and civil society organisations) in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
    The CIS programmes express the societal engagement of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in a global perspective beyond the Euro-American axis, in line with the four profiling themes in the strategic plan of the university. Our programmes are: 1) Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Land Management, 2) ICT for Development, 3) Conflict Resolution and Mediation and 4) Governance for Society: Good Governance & Democratisation and Security & the Rule of Law.
    CIS believes in an integrated, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to address global challenges in close collaboration with VU faculties and international partners. CIS is an important pillar of the VU's internationalisation and sustainability policy, dedicated to international cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Green Business Club Zuidas
    The Green Business Club Zuidas is where local businesses, local authorities and social organizations meet in order to initiate and carry out sustainable and social projects in Zuidas. VU Amsterdam is an active participant in the GBC, which has been based in the VU Amsterdam Main Building since 2017, close to the Green office.

    Aurora Network
    Aurora brings together research universities in Europe in their joint efforts towards an inclusive and diverse university community. We share the mission to make society better and find solutions to the major problems of our world - and so do our students. In Aurora, we are committed to find solutions for the major challenges of this world, such as sustainability, digitization and healthy living.

    Aurora helps participating universities:

    • to learn and benefit from each other's successes in inclusiveness and diversity. Accessible education is a core value and that is what we want to achieve with each other.
    • to take advantage of the opportunities that increasing digitization offers us.
    • to do research and develop knowledge that offers solutions to major social problems: local, national and international.
    • to provide excellent education for our students, but also to give them a lasting and meaningful experience that helps them to be responsible citizens of the world.

    SDG Dashboard

    The 14 Dutch universities are committed to achieving the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Dashboard is a tool developed by VU Amsterdam that provides access to the scientific publications on the SDGs and provides an overview of the link between these studies.

    International Sustainable Campus Network
    The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) provides an international forum to support higher education institutions in exchanging information, ideas and best practices for achieving sustainable campus activities and integrating sustainability into research and teaching. 

    By signing the ISCN Charter, VU Amsterdam, like the University of Twente, Cambridge and Princeton, becomes part of a global sustainability network with more than 80 universities from 30 countries. And endorses the network's 5 calls to action on institutional leadership and cooperation in sustainability.