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Research and departments

The Faculty of Religion and Theology conducts high-quality research into religion and belief. Attention is paid to the sources and traditions of various religions and movements, as well as to their ideas and practices in interaction with contemporary society and culture.

The Faculty of Religion and Theology has two research departments:

  • Texts and Traditions
  • Beliefs and Practices

Texts and Traditions brings together the research of Bible and Quran scholars as well as church and religion historians. Beliefs and Practices encompasses the research of systematic and practical theologians as well as that of (comparative) scientists and philosophers of religion. In both sections, both descriptive-analytical and normative-theological research is carried out in close coordination with each other. The research is aimed at doing justice to religious and ideological views and positions that can be found in writings and practices – past and present. From there, the discussion is started about the valuation of these performances and positions. Theologians, philosophers, historians, biblical and religious scholars work together with social scientists affiliated with the faculty who specialize in religious research.

Students from the Netherlands and abroad who want to prepare for a PhD follow the two-year Master's in Religion and Theology. After successful completion of this training, they are automatically admitted to the doctorate.

The faculty has a Researchers in Residence program intended for established international researchers who want to spend a few months in one of the two departments as part of their research. Candidates can submit a request to that effect to the relevant head of department.