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Renting educational and conference rooms

Would you like to reserve a room for a lecture, study group or meeting? This is possible at VU Amsterdam. VU has a variety of rooms available. Below you will find more information about what rooms are available at VU, how you can book them, and the costs of doing so. See for more information Coordination Room Planning (020) 59 85941/(020) 59 85824 or


VU presently counts two central conference centers, Forum (Main Building) and Salutem (MF building). The NU (New University) Building will also furnish a conference room center in the future. The use of the conference rooms is governed by the Rent Conditions VU. Applications will be processed within 2 working days. The application process parallels that for class rooms – rooms can be reserved by the semester.

Conference Center FORUM (Main Building, internal use)
Forum is located on the first floor (above the ground floor) of the Main Building (1D-corridor) and encompasses 7 conference rooms (Forum 3 to 8), with capacities varying between 8 to 20 persons. Forum has been designated aside for internal use, that is, for VU faculties and service departments. Reserve via Internet Book Rooms.

Conference Center Salutem (MF building, internal and external use)
Conference Center Salutem is located on the first floor (above the ground floor) of the MF Building (1D-corridor) and consists of 3 conference rooms for 14 persons (Salutem 1 and 3) and for 18 persons (Salutem 2). These conference rooms can be used both by internal VU units as well as external parties housed on the VU Campus. Applications are processed on the basis of first come first served; there are no priority measures.

VU faculties and service departments can reserve rooms on VUweb.

External parties should use the application form ‘Reserve a Conference Room’ (not yet available). In the meantime the rooms can be rented by using the application form class room. Charges apply for the use of the rooms. The costs will be billed afterwards on the basis of the hours reserved. The rooms can also be rented to external parties or used for meetings or special events outside of office hours (Monday to Friday 17:00–22:00).

The rooms have a fixed setup and have an LCD monitor. No computer is present, so you can use the monitor by connecting it to your laptop. Refreshments can be arranged by our catering.


Rooms are primarily intended for regular classes. Reservations on behalf of regular classes have priority and are realized by centralized scheduling. After all the regular classes have been scheduled, supplemental renting may take place and class rooms may be reserved for incidental meetings. Charges apply to any such use. Regulations and the possibilities for reserving and using class rooms can be found in the document rules for reserving class rooms.

Applying and reserving
VU faculties should submit applications to their own reservation authority if the activity is not connected to regular subjects and classes. VU service departments, study associations, and external applications should reserve class rooms using the application form class room

Additional information

Eating and drinking in class rooms is restricted. For information with regard to catering orders, see catering.

See the opening times of all VU buildings.
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